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Brunswick Hours: 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday. 
Call us if you would like daily bids texted or emailed!

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Welcome to J.E. Meuret Grain Company in Brunswick, Nebraska.
J.E. Meuret Grain has been family owned and operated since 1923
to assist you with your grain and feed operations.
We appreciate your business!


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Name Exchg Last Chg Time
CORN (@C7H) CBOT 370'4 1'0 4:52A
CORN (@C7K) CBOT 377'4 1'0 4:52A
CORN (@C7N) CBOT 384'0 0'6 4:42A
CORN (@C7U) CBOT 390'0 0'4 4:15A
CORN (@C7Z) CBOT 396'6 0'6 4:32A
CORN (@C8H) CBOT 403'4 1'0 4:32A
CORN (@C8K) CBOT 407'0 1'0 4:29A
SOYBEANS (@S7H) CBOT 1066'0 8'2 4:49A
SOYBEANS (@S7K) CBOT 1075'0 8'2 4:48A
SOYBEANS (@S7N) CBOT 1081'0 8'0 4:49A
SOYBEANS (@S7Q) CBOT 1076'2 7'6 9:53P
SOYBEANS (@S7U) CBOT 1053'4 7'0 4:41A
SOYBEANS (@S7X) CBOT 1031'2 6'0 4:49A
SOYBEANS (@S8F) CBOT 1033'6 5'6 2:34A
WHEAT (@W7H) CBOT 433'4 0'2 4:48A
WHEAT (@W7K) CBOT 447'0 0'0 4:39A
WHEAT (@W7N) CBOT 461'2 -0'2 4:22A
WHEAT (@W7U) CBOT 475'2 -0'4 4:22A
WHEAT (@W7Z) CBOT 492'4 -0'6 4:18A
ETHANOL (@AC7G) CBOT 1.465 -0.027 12:20A
ETHANOL (@AC7H) CBOT 1.515 12:20A
ETHANOL (@AC7J) CBOT 1.541 -0.001 1:16P

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